My activity in the Affiliate Marketing community just stepped up to another level when Affiliate Summit announced a new rewards program in the forums section of their site. I've occasionally browsed the forum, but never paid much attention to all the value that is hidden in the posts.

In one day, I've learned more from the forums than I have in an entire year and Affiliate Summit is rewarding me with a t-shirt for hitting the first level. Now, I'm not stopping there, I've got many posts to read and questions to ask, which will help me move on to the next level.

If I spend enough time on the site, I can literally work my way to a VIP pass to an Affiliate Summit Event, along with a set of DVD's of all the sessions. Now that's pretty cool because it's worth well over a thousand dollars.

I know that those are big prizes, but the bigger prize is the relationships that I'm continuing to build with members of the Affiliate Summit community. I'm working hard to build a business and those relationships are critical to my success.

This is clearly a no lose deal for anyone interested in the affiliate marketing industry.

In fact, Affiliate Summit not only gave me a ton of valuable information for free, they even gave me the idea for my blog post.

Now, I've spent more time learning about key people in the industry, which will only help me to get my business to the next level. Remember, even online business is about personal relationships and the Affiliate Summit forums are a great place to start them.

Why not take a trip over to the Affiliate Summit forums and join the conversation. Let's make this opportunity one of the best of the year. Don't forget to introduce yourself when you get their and have a great time learning about the industry.