Affiliate Summit introduces the Affiliate Summit Central 2012, a first time conference that is taking place in Austin, TX on May 15th and 16th. The conference is intimate with an anticipated few hundred people to attend unlike Affiliate Summit East and West where thousands of people attend.

The central conference will be more for the serious business minded people who are looking to scale their businesses and create new relationships. It is also a great opportunity for the first time attendee who will be able to connect with players in the industry.

The registration fee is less than two hundred dollars making this an affordable event to attend. Affiliate Summit Central will be a great time like the big brother conferences in Las Vegas and New York City while providing opportunity to get more face time with top Affiliate Marketers, Networks and Merchants.

When you make plans to attend, watch the list to see who’s attending the Affiliate Summit Central Conference. Send them a message before the event and get an introduction done. When you get to Austin, you’ll have a leg up and be able to relate to the people who you connect with. The conference is small enough that direct contact with other attendees is quite doable.

You might even consider setting up special meetings or requesting to have dinner if a potential relationship has enough impact on your business. Whatever you do, make every minute count at this year’s Affiliate Summit Central 2012.

I am planning on submitting a proposal to speak at the Affiliate Summit Central conference. This will be the first time that I am stepping up to take part. I think that I can give some insight that reaches out to the community through my many years of business experience.  As soon as I have my topic picked out, I will let you know.