180CUP is a favorite amongst people who drink alcohol, specifically those people who like to do shots. The cup is different than the SOLO cup that most people use for drinking beer. The cup has a built-in shot glass in the bottom. Just flip the cup over and pour an accurate shot.

The 180CUP Shark Tank Outcome

Entrepreneur Solomon Fallas made a deal with Daymond John on Shark Tank, but it appears that the deal for 180CUP fell apart. In fact, the website is no longer up, even though his product is currently available on Amazon.

Solomon accepted Daymond John's offer of $300,000 for 25% of the company. Acceptance of an offer on the show is like having a term sheet. Both parties agree to complete a contract and go through due diligence leading up a final contract being drawn up.

Social Media activity for 180CUP ceased in January 2016 on Facebook and Twitter. The shot 180CUP full viewglass cup originally sold at Walmart but is no longer available through the store. The lack of the website and discontinued social media activity indicate that the company is no longer functioning.

The unique Shot Glass design provides additional strength over a SOLO cup. Choose from red or clear cups designed for promotional printing on the side of the glass.

Initial funding for 180CUP came directly from Solomon who invested $175,000 of his own money into launching his business.

Sharks hearing the 180CUP pitch are:

A follow up on 180CUP aired on Beyond the Tank episode 202. Daymond is shown saying he likes Solomon Fallas, but they are unable to see face-to-face on the deal. It turns out that Daymond attempted to have Lil John as a brand ambassador, but Solomon rejected the opportunity refusing to give up a percentage of sales to Lil John. This crushed Daymond and caused a disconnect ending with them parting ways.