Eliminate WordPress Maintenance Issues

Hosting Site • Backups • Feature and Security Updates • Site Monitoring • Small Fixes • Recovery

My WordPress Maintenance plan will help protect the investment you've made in your WordPress website.  Finally, your site will have the updates completed in a timely fashion for the core install, your theme, and all plugins.  No more lost data because your site will receive real-time backups! Security is a top priority, letting you get into your website while keeping the hackers out. And, all of this with a focus on having your site Search Engine Optimized!

BONUS: Hosting Included on a WPEngine Optimized Server

WordPress Maintenance Resources


  • WPEngine – Web Hosting Services designed for high-performance and availability for WordPress users. Get 20% off your first payment with this link.
  • Genesis Studio Press Themes – A wide variety of SEO and Speed optimized Child Themes offering a completely custom look to your site.
  • Elegant Themes – Extremely flexible templates that allow you to build the sites that work for you.
  • Grammarly – Designed to help you write intelligently. Checks spelling, grammar, context and more.

WordPress Backups

Real-time WordPress Backups to protect your data and provide easy restoration of your files.


Sooner or later you are going to wish you had a WordPress Maintenance strategy that includes site backups. All it takes is accidently deleting a file, or having your site crash without having a copy of the WordPress install available.

Having a robust WordPress Maintenance plan in place will save you from having to deal with a disaster. Just ask your friends about their Website nightmares if it hasn't happened to you yet.

Take the proactive approach with my WordPress Maintenance service and protect yourself from the following scenarios:

  • Your Site gets hacked
  • The server crashes
  • Malware injected to your website
  • You make a mistake editing a file and your website crashes
  • You accidentally delete an image or content that you spend hours working to create.
  • The server receives a bad command and crashes your site.

Your website is backed up in the cloud, as well as having copies made and stored locally in the event you want to move your site to a new host. Your protected no matter what happens!

WordPress Uptime Monitoring

Know the status of your WordPress website at all times. Pro-actively make corrections to keep your site live all the time


How do you know when your site goes down? You probably don’t, but downtime happens more often than you realize. We have a system available that tells us if your site goes down. Knowing your site is down allows us to find out why, allowing us to rectify problems proactively.

Our system, known as site monitoring flags us when a site goes down, and let’s us be proactive to discover why that site is down. We are then able to correct any issues that may be causing the interruption of service and get your site live fast.

Some of the reasons your site might go down include:

  • Server Failure
  • Denial of Service Attacks
  • Accidental changes in your configuration
  • Backbone Interruptions
  • Expired domain registration
  • Malware
  • Hacks
  • Incompatible plugins, themes due to updates to WordPress Core or a Plugin
  • Plus numerous other issues.

The bottom line is monitoring let’s us proactively address website issues immediately. Reduced downtime increases visibility and ultimately profitable transactions.

WordPress Updates Core & Plugins

WordPress Core, Themes and Plugins are updating constantly. Keep your website current.


WordPress Core Updates, Theme Updates and Plugin Updates are happening daily, sometimes multiple times a day. Neglecting updates leaves most WordPress sites vulnerable, and risks unnecessary downtime, attacks and frustration.

We’ll make sure the WordPress Core is updated at all times, that Themes and plugins are also stable and up to date. Best of all, we will test your setup to ensure all updates are compatible and do not take your site down unnecessarily.

If we find a setup that has a bug that causes your site to fail, we will hold off on the update, and notify the author of the Plugin, theme, or even the WP Core team that there is a conflict. We’ll install the update once the issue is resolved.

Crashes due to updates are extremely difficult and frustrating to deal with on your own. Let us take that frustration away from you, and keep your site running smoothly.

WordPress Repairs & Small Fixes

Need to make a minor change? Did you run into a road block? No problem, minor fixes are part of the package!


The greatest issues with WordPress often are corrected by small fixes when you have experience at your beck and call. What may take you hours to correct might be a few minutes when you know where to find the solution.

Do it yourselfers, we are here to solve your issues when mistakes happen. I know how you feel when you make a change and it doesn’t go the way you expect! Don’t fight to find the solution, instead, let us fix it for you and get you back to working on your site.

WordPress Security

Simple solutions that provide excellent security for your site all the time.


How many of you has your website secured from hackers? Chances are, you have no idea what security you have in place. You may have had your site created as recently as a few months ago, and yet are already at risk.

That is because new updates and fixes are coming out as frequently as daily for WordPress Plugins, themes, and even the core.

You need to keep your plugins, theme and core install up to date and current to protect from immediate threats, as hackers scan the Internet looking for vulnerabilities in websites.

Don’t think your site is too small and won’t be hacked. The bad guys have automated bots that are designed to comb through millions of websites at a time. Many of the attacks are automated.

Steps such as using SSL/TSL certificates for validation and hardening passwords are great ways to reduce the potential for hackers to attack your site.

We will put in software plugins that are designed to keep hackers out while letting you access your site quickly.
Let me help you secure your website to avoid the threats that put your livelihood at risk.

Search Engine Optimization

Let's setup your website so that you get found, and your customers do business with you!


SEO(Search Engine Optimization) depends on numerous factors to get your material to rank high in the search engines, and part of what I do is to help your content get to the top.

WordPress plays a significant factor in making the Search Engines understand the value of your content. Having the right theme, plugins, strategically placed images, and content will bring our strategy full circle.

Keeping your website core, themes and plugins up to date are critical to ensuring the search engines validate your site as a safe, secure and reliable source of content. Having out of date software works against your rank in the search engines.

Our strategy includes opening the door to tell the search engines that your content is ready and available to help your audience find what they need to know. We make sure that the search engines know where to find that information on your site.