Stephane Kerwer is the Entrepreneur behind While he hasn’t had the site up that long, he’s been extremely successful at generating traffic to his site. He’s done it through marketing strategies that are somewhat unique to Internet Marketers.

His strategy of creating caricatures of the top bloggers, while providing reviews got him noticed among the best in the industry. He enticed others to spend money with him by paying for reviews and then giving them a caricature as well.

He’s taken this strategy to the next level by creating a new contest focused on having his site reviewed. In exchange, bloggers are entered into a contest to get their site reviewed and have a caricature done.

He’s setup to have two winners, one of which will be chosen by Stephane, the other is to be randomly drawn. That way he’s rewarding what he feels is the best entry and also giving others a chance that might not be so good at writing.

Kerwer, who is 30 years old, was headed down a different career path, having gone to Architecture School. While the school taught him discipline, he wasn’t satisfied with the time it took to complete projects. He just didn’t find self-fulfillment in the field.

He faced certain tragedies in his life which caused him to rethink his strategy and follow what he felt his passion is. That’s online marketing and he’s done a great job at getting exposure. So good, he was mentioned in a session during Blog World.

Stephane invited me to be included in his contest but I told him that I would pass. I didn’t need the contest to write about him, I like his passion and that was enough for me.

If you would like to have an opportunity to win his contest, you can learn more by visiting his post, “Review My Blog And Win Your Own Caricature!