Affiliate Marketing Programs:

  • ShareASale offers merchants a way to find thousands of quality marketers to promote products, while merchants are able to connect with quality merchants who are willing and able to pay healthy commissions for referrals and sales. Learn more at ShareASale.

Grammar & Plagiarism Checker

  • Grammarly – Improve your blog posts. Use Grammarly to edit your content and check for Plagiarism. Check posts from Article Writing services like iWriter or Fiverr.

Internet Marketers:

Some of the best internet marketers have very different styles, and yet are producing outstanding results. There are two people specifically that I’ll recommend. They have great programs to help people learn more about online business, but they require sweat equity and commitment to have the kind of success they have.

  • John Chow teaches people “How to make money online”, and is a great friend of mine. John is about the same age as I am, and we’ve connected several times. He’s also the first person I connected with from the affiliate marketing industry. John runs his business like clockwork and lives life to the fullest as you’ll see.
  • Pat Flynn is another internet marketer with a very different style from John. I know Pat from a forum I was a member of when Pat started out, called Internet Business Mastery. Pat turned a disaster into a gold mine when he lost his job at an architectural firm and launched Smart Passive Income. I admit, I’m jealous of Pat because I knew way more than him when he got started and he blew my doors off by working hard and sticking to his game plan. He’s got my respect.

I’ve known for a long time how Pat and John have built their businesses, and mine was well on the way when I removed my blog for personal reasons. Now, I am coming back, with a stronger plan than ever to build a blog that focuses on my passions while proving that anyone will make money online if you follow people like Pat and John, and apply the principles that they are teaching their readers.

List Building:

  • AWeber – List building and newsletter management system. Features tools for capturing email, social media accounts and more.

Web Hosting:

  • My recommended choice for web hosting is WPEngine. It is a premium WordPress hosting company that features staging so that your site doesn’t break while it is live. The servers are optimized and tested with the best configurations for WordPress before they go live, and they are always up to date. Sign up for WPEngine and get 20% off your first invoice.

WordPress Themes

Thousands of WordPress themes exist, but a small number are of the quality and have stable backing like the ones I use when building my sites.

  • StudioPress – Studio Press ranked as my preferred WordPress platform for many years because of their vast selection of prebuilt child themes.
  • Elegant Themes – The Elegant Themes platform provides extreme flexibility offering a widget for just about any scenario you can imagine. The DIVI builder places markup code on your pages, allowing you to insert modules just about anyplace.

And, if you need somebody to build your site for you, just let me know as I do web design and business consulting.