Indy Car Photographs

Enjoy the collection of Indy Car photographs. I have several more that I will be adding to this grid.


Welcome, my name is Kirk Taylor, an in-person and online digital marketing strategist. If you want to build your business online, having tools such as a blog, podcasting, and even Facebook live videos to reach your audience! And, I'm going to share all of the “expert” strategies for FREE on my site!


We entrepreneurs love talking about our businesses because we love what we do. That's why I'm focusing on helping you with Digital Marketing strategies for your personal brand, which makes your business better!

Entrepreneurs need tools that reduce your cost of a transaction and increase the footprint of your audience. Online Digital Marketing Tools let your audience know you personally, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Essentially, you are multiplying your marketing availability expanding your business footprint and ultimately putting more cash in your pocket.

What tools are we going to use?

  • Blogging is a huge contributor to bringing your audience front and center. And, I'm going to show how you will publish numerous blog posts, targeting specific topics related to your business! You'll be able to manage your own SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign.
  • Facebook Live is another hot tool that attracts audiences allowing potential clients to get to know you personally. People love the live conversations because they are raw, and they are you!
  • Podcasts are another hot tool that is underutilized but gives you a captive audience. Best of all, you get to share your story with as many people who will download your Podcast.


Best WordPress Hosting for the do-it-yourselfer!

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I highly recommend WPEngine for reliable high-speed connections, and you won't be fighting with overloaded servers!

The Cold Hard Truth!

Here's the “Cold, Hard Truth” of online marketing.

You already know that it takes a particular person to undertake entrepreneurial activities, and nothing comes easy. It's hard work, which gets easier as we get better, like any other business activity. But here's a big difference, Digital Marketing is fun! When you get into it, you're going to love it.

You can get coached in a thousand different sites, similar to this one, but my site is different. I'm doing everything I can to provide you with as much knowledge without asking you for a single dime. There's no vaporware here! I'm freely giving you my experience, and am asking you to pay it forward!

Personal Branding is intimidating when you are first starting out. Your work will have flaws, but it's those flaws that make you genuine and will bring people back. Your candid presentations will lead to audience growth, and ultimately people who want to do business with you, because they know you!

And, who knows, you just might become the next great online marketing leader? Are you with me?

Get My Plan Direct!

It's so important for you to have the right tools to build your system. I'm lucky because I've had people who have helped me, so let me pay it forward by signing up for my direct newsletters with all the details for a successful personal branding campaign.

Get the plan that will work for you, at no cost to you! My newsletter is FREE! Check it out, and let's get your Personal Branding Strategy up and running today!

Join me know!

Here's to your new campaign!

I'm so excited to show you how Personal Branding makes all the difference when you work to attract new clients.

I'm paying it forward because I've had people help me, and now I want to help you build your business. Let me know how my content helps you grow your business, and I might share your story on my blog!

Creating a personal brand means you're going to meet a ton of new friends and clients. Responding to your audience is critical to your success, and mine.

I'll work hard to work directly with you, answer questions, and do what I can to make us all successful in our businesses. Your feedback will help me refine my offerings on this site, making us all better!

Thank you,
Kirk Taylor