Do you need help with the right business resources for starting your entrepreneurial endeavor? You've come to the right place. I will walk you through all kinds of tools and services targeted to your needs.

The business resources located on this page will continue to grow. Our goal is to help you get reliable support for your success.

The Business Plan you aren't using.

Before we go too far, we all know that every business should have a business plan, but how many businesses have a plan? Practically none!

And, how many businesses with business plans have plans that are being used to operate the company? Even less!

Why don't businesses have a business plan that they use to run the company? Because they don't understand the plan, or they wrote the plan to raise capital.

I understand not using or even having a business plan because I am guilty of this scenario. We are too worried about getting revenue in the door that we think a Business Plan will take up too much time, the time we don't have.

The truth is a Business Plan won't do us any good if we write a plan that works for our business model. And, companies are changing direction which requires plans that are fluid and updated frequently.

A mentor of mine would say, “If you can't make your business work on paper, you can't make it work in the real world.” Think of the money, time and pain you will save if you create a business plan, and keep it updated.

Business resources every business needs

Use the following section to ensure that you have all the tools that your company needs to become successful. Having your basis covered now will save you time and money in the future.

  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Technology
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Strategy
  • Retail

The Business Plan

  1. Executive Summary
    1. The Mission Statement
    2. Company Information
    3. Growth Highlights
    4. Your Products/Services
    5. Financial Information
    6. Summarize future plans
  2. Company Description
  3. Market Analysis
  4. Organization & Management
  5. Service or Product Line
  6. Marketing & Sales
  7. Funding Request
  8. Financial Projections
  9. Appendix