The Real Me, Do You Think You know me?

And you think you know me?

How well do you think you know somebody? If you think you know the real me, you don't. The truth about my life is so radically different than what you have ever seen that I'm a total contradiction to who you think I am. I've spent my entire life hiding the real me because I've been afraid of the truth about my life. Every day of my life up until the last few months consisted … [Read more...]

Publishing Content Daily

I am updating this post in June 2015 after I originally published this in February 2015. I admit, I haven't published content daily on this site. I've neglected it, but not because I didn't want to write in my personal blog, it goes far deeper than that. I can only imagine where I would be if I published content daily from the day I registered this domain. That was in 2000, … [Read more...]