Welcome to my resources page, for building your own website. The tools that you see listed on this page will make building your own website easier than ever.

Some of the links are Affiliate Links(I get compensated if you buy something from one of my affiliate links), do not offer compensation. Either way, these are the products and services that I feel comfortable enough recommending.

Downloading WordPress

Of course, the first link is to download WordPress. Click here to get WordPress

WordPress uses themes as a source for the look and feel of the website.

The Genesis Framework for WordPress

There are thousands of theme templates available. StudioPress has some of the most popular themes designs available.

StudioPress themes work on a framework called Genesis, which is also part of their offerings. You can get the Genesis Framework here.

WordPress Child Themes

The Genesis Framework is the foundation, allowing you to choose from over 50 child themes, or choose to create your own Child Theme. This website uses WhiteSpace Pro Child Theme from StudioPress. Get the WhiteSpace Child Theme here, or Choose from the full line of StudioPress Child Themes Here.

Search Engine Optimization Tool for WordPress

Scribe SEO is a superb tool for anyone looking to optimize their website. Scribe SEO is a plug-in and works flawlessly with StudioPress Genesis products. You’ll be able to search for optimal keyword phrases for top search rankings. Get Scribe SEO here.