Blog successfully about anything

Kirk Taylor with Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank

You can blog about anything consistently and turn it into a business you'll make money running. The key to winning at blogging is sticking with it and keeping your content active. Don't delete it like I have in the past and throw away a profitable business. Almost anything is worth writing about if you take the time to create enough relevance to your topic. It doesn't have to … [Read more...]

Publishing Content Daily

I am updating this post in June 2015 after I originally published this in February 2015. I admit, I haven't published content daily on this site. I've neglected it, but not because I didn't want to write in my personal blog, it goes far deeper than that. I can only imagine where I would be if I published content daily from the day I registered this domain. That was in 2000, … [Read more...]

Make Your Blog Post Titles Three to Five Words Long

Three to Five Keyword Phrase

Making your blog post titles three to five keywords in length will substantially increase the opportunity for your blog posts to get read! Online marketing experts say, if you make your blog post titles conversational, you'll have a better chance of landing higher in search engine rank. When your title is three to five keywords long, you're giving the search engines more … [Read more...]

Forget Keywords, Focus on the Keyword Phrase

Optimize Posts for Keyword Phrase

Your gut reaction is targeting a specific keyword in your new website. Forget it! That's the wrong strategy. Focus on the keyword phrase and land the customers who want what you have! A keyword or two produces negative results(lands people who are searching for your selected keywords, but have no interest in what you are offering) in search engine marketing. This is a waste … [Read more...]

Write Two posts a Day

Write Two Posts Daily - KirkTaylorCom

Alright, there are some of you who will argue, saying you don't need to Write Two Posts a Day, and you're right to a certain extent. You don't need to write two posts a day if you are communicating with your audience often through another medium, have no interest in building a popular website, or already have a built-in audience. The people who need to write two posts a … [Read more...]