Hi, and welcome to my “about me” page. I finally get to write my bio in a way that genuinely fits who I am, and doesn’t get the fluff that most people put in their profile or resume.

I’ve been driven by fear, depression and anxiety all my life. That’s allowed me to help others who have mental roadblocks and need someone to encourage them to use what’s inside their head.

Seeing people evolve from having no faith in themselves to becoming productive and positive is what gives me great joy.

My sensitivity to those that are struggling comes from personal experience. I’ve carried a secret that has haunted me all of my life until now.

I have lived with depression and anxiety. The depression rules when times are not good, and the anxiety rules when I’m on top, but feared discovery of who I am.

I finally announced to the world that I’ve dealt with Gender Dysphoria all my life and that I started taking hormones to address the dysphoria.

To my surprise, I am content for the first time in my life. Even more surprising is my need to live as the opposite gender ceased when I started on hormones, leading me to believe I may have a hormonal imbalance.

No matter what the outcome, I’m prepared and willing to move forward, even if it means transitioning gender to be content permanently. Something I could only experience while I was presenting in the opposite gender.

My hope is that I’ll find medical help to address the hormonal issues letting me be content in my birth gender. If not, I’m fine with transitioning if that’s not possible.

The good news is no matter what happens, I’m no longer afraid to show you the real me, and that’s a wonderful feeling. I hope my blog helps you, and that I inspire you to be yourself, to let your skeletons out of the closet and achieve the success you deserve!





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