Kirk Taylor

Kirk Taylor

Personal Branding Strategist

I’ve always believed in God, but I’m going the next step to show how much I believe in God by walking the walk and talking the talk. I’m reading the Bible from cover-to-cover. My choice is tough, but I’m confident that following Christ is the only way for me to live a full life.

Two incredibly awesome kids consume my life. My kids dominate my life every other week, as a single parent. I am so blessed to have them in my life. Of course, I can’t leave out Stanley, who thinks he’s the boss. He travels with the kids, going back and forth every other week.

I’m single, as I’m not the right person for the kind of woman that I want in my life. Hopefully, I’ll be ready for her soon, as I would like to settle down with the woman that captures my attention for the rest of my life.

It’s incredible how much my life is evolving over the last two years. And, I can’t help but hear my friends and family comment, saying “how much I have grown in such a short time.” I say this because it feels so good to get so many compliments when they’ve been void for most of my life. All this even though I see myself as a not so deserving person of these compliments.

Entrepreneurship defines me, as I am always involved in some start-up business. Guinea Pigs & Hamsters were my business when I started at eleven years old, and over thirty-five years later, I am still doing start-ups today.

My first online venture launched on August 17, 1995, when I bought my first computer, signing on to the Internet. An hour later, I started my first website evolving into one of the top luxury ground transportation networks worldwide. The company does over 50 Million dollars a year and employs hundreds of people.

Today, I love motivating entrepreneurs while encouraging dreamers to step up and follow their head and heart equally. I love entrepreneurial people!