Welcome, my name is Kirk Taylor, and this is where I share my entrepreneurial life.

My first business began over 35 years ago, selling hamsters & guinea pigs to local Pet stores when I was 11 years old. That business grew so fast, I couldn’t get rid of my inventory fast enough, and I ended up having to give my entire inventory away because I couldn’t sell my inventory fast enough.

I’ve played every role in my businesses from taking out the trash to being CEO of a multi-million dollar corporation. I take pride in knowing how my businesses work in intimate detail, and am able to communicate that knowledge to anyone I work with.

Entrepreneurship absorbs your life, as you build your business.  You have to be comfortable working on your own when nobody else believes in your dream. When you’re a success, everyone around you will lay claim to the success, but when you fail, you’ll be left.

We as entrepreneurs face failure on a daily basis, and in most cases we can work our way through what seem like impossible situations.

Unfortunately, most start-up companies fail, and when you’ve started businesses as long as I have, you’re experiences go from lowest lows to the highest of highs.  Entrepreneurship is the greatest adventure in experiencing life.

Here are some of the hurdles I’ve dealt with while building new businesses:

  • Raising Capital
  • Writing full-blown business plans
  • Managed a team of 75 employees plus to ground breaking sales
  • Driving sales from zero to $750,000 a month in just six months
  • Created a niche market blog that went from zero views to over 125,000 per month run rate in just six weeks.
  • Negotiated and secured deals with C-Level executives in billion dollar companies.

Most people believe entrepreneurs create businesses to get rich, but the truth is, entrepreneurs create businesses for the challenge and the rush.

Entrepreneurship is not a great paying career, and I’ve always said if you want to make big money, go into sales. It’s the salespeople who make the most money in start-ups, not the entrepreneur.

This blog is here to help you see the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship.

Thank you again for visiting, I hope you enjoy, and you find all the information you need to make great decisions about your future career is an entrepreneur.